The Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation’s Young Activist Council (YAC) is led by volunteers who serve as ambassadors for CAASE in the community. The members of YAC raise awareness about the problem of sexual exploitation and fundraise to support CAASE’s programs and advocacy efforts. This new group, founded in 2012, was created to engage young, energetic people who are looking for a directed, effective way to spend their volunteer time.

Interested in joining the YAC? Please contact the YAC at There is a short application process to join.

Current Members of the YAC:

Blair Siegel – Co-Chair

Nida Abbasi

Kerstin Adams

Rebecca Adams

Rachel Ayres

Eva Baker

Karla Bayas

Alexandria Bigg

Jessica Bitter

Ashley Blair

Stephanie Brown

Marianna Chapleau

Stephanie Cook

Sandra Cordoba

Daniel Cullet

Cameron Custard

Michelle Fienup

Perry Fish

Gabriella Fortunato

Rachel Geinosky

Colleen Gleason

Ana Grahovac

Sotonye Hart

Danielle Haynes

Krista Heilman

Leeann Hepler

Kurt Herrera-Heintz

Ashley Horn

Colleen Hutchison

Angela Jackson

Kate Johnson

Erin Kormaniak

Kristin Kozub

Leanne Lash

Vickie Lopez

Sara Jo Malinske

Stephanie marshall

Colleen Martin

Patricia Martinez

Allyson Matvey

Christian Mckenzie

Megan McNabb

Jose Medina

Susie Moya

Kathryn Murray

Brigid O'Keefe

Jen O'Rourke

Dipal Patel

Emily Perish

Christina Ripley

Erika Rist

Megan Rivkin

Laura Simone

Katee Stahl

Melissa Stein

Abby Toms

Annie Warshaw

Sophie Webber

Latisha White

Caitlin Zusy