The Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation’s Young Activist Council (YAC) is led by volunteers who serve as ambassadors for CAASE in the community. The members of YAC raise awareness about the problem of sexual exploitation and fundraise to support CAASE’s programs and advocacy efforts. This new group, founded in 2012, was created to engage young, energetic people who are looking for a directed, effective way to spend their volunteer time.

Interested in joining the YAC? Please contact the YAC at There is a short application process to join.

Current Members of the YAC:

Sean Brennan - President

Rachel Ayres - Vice President

Caitlin Zusy -Secretary

Kathryn Arancio - Treasurer

Angela Jackson

Eliza Brashares

Krista Dionne

Abby Toms

Latisha White

Tyresa Jackson

Jamie Mocker

Dipal Patel

Candance Carter

Victoria Waring

Saimithra Reddy

Laura Salter

Elise Gagnon

Susan Stanton

Mara Jacobucci