A few weeks ago, we all listened to tape recordings of Donald Trump describing how he sexually assaulted women. Adding fuel to fire, Trump characterized his comments as “locker room talk.” Our community has seen, firsthand, the damage of normalizing rape in our nation. We’ve collected articles from survivors and allies to share their perspective and calls to action in the hope that our community can use this opportunity to keep sexual assault part of the national conversation and advocate for an end to normalizing rape.

Let's keep working to #EndRapeCulture. If you'd like to share your story, please contact leena@caase.org.

'I'm an anti-rape activist. The Trump allegations make me feel hope - and despair.'

Author and activist, Jaclyn Friedman, explores rape culture in the wake of the Trump tapes, our broken response to sexual assault, and the struggles faced by survivors.

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A letter to my son on 'locker room talk'

Sarah Taylor Peck writes a letter to her son about what being a man is really about and empowers him to become an ally against sexual assault. 

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Survivor inspires others to share stories of sexual assault on Twitter

In response to Trump's comments, survivor and writer, Kelly Oxford, shared her story on Twitter and asked other women to do the same. In the course of one evening, over one million women responded, sharing their stories and causing the hashtag '#NotOkay' to trend on Twitter. 

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Professional athletes respond to Trump's comments with actual locker room talk

Athletes take to Twitter to talk about what real 'locker room talk' sounds like and it has nothing to do with sexually assaulting women.

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'She never spoke of it to her husband. Then she heard the Trump tape.' 

The shock waves about Trump's comments by are reverberating through marriages and relationships across the country. The New York Times shares stories of couples who are talking to each other about the degradation of women in new ways and revealing assaults that had been buried for years.

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