Passing Laws to Hold Sex Traffickers Accountable, Create Resources for Survivors
Our policy committee has led the passage of 6 laws that offer protections to survivors of the sex trade. Please note that all descriptions of these laws are historical documents and may not reflect subsequent changes made to Illinois law.

2015 - Creating an Affirmative Defense for Survivors 

Public Act 099-0190 (formerly SB 1588) creates an affirmative defense for people charged with prostitution, allowing them to prove that they engaged in prostitution as a result of human trafficking as defined by state law. Public Act 099-0190 also creates a procedure for courts to follow if the defendant is concerned about the safety of raising the affirmative defense in open court. 

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2014 - Creating new funding streams for specialized services

PA 98-1013 (formerly SB 3558) which creates funding streams for specialized services for survivors of human trafficking and prostitution while encouraging a more effective law enforcement response to the demand for sexual exploitation.

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2013 - Eliminitating Felony Prositution in Illinois 

PA 98-0538 eliminates felony charges for prostitution in Illinois. 

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 2012 - Reforming Illinois' Human Trafficking Code

PA 97-0897 (formerly H2 5278) expands the scope of the state involuntary servitude law by including additional means by which a trafficker can obtain or maintain a victim. The bill removes confusing language from the statute and lessens the emphasis placed on force, which will help prosecutors more effectively use the statute. The bill also extends the time limit for prosecutors to bring charges against traffickers in cases involving minors. The passage of this bill will help prosecutors to more effectively utilize the involuntary servitude statute, which in turn will protect victims.

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2011 - Justice for Victims of Sex Trafficking 

The Justice for Victims of Sex Trafficking Crimes Act enables victims of sex trafficking to clear their records of prostitution convictions incident to their trafficking. The motion would apply to survivors who are now seeking services or have escaped the trafficking.

Learn about the impact of JVST on survivors & read more about the law.

Resource: EDI has trained attorneys on this law and has created a Litigation Guide to help attorneys who are seeking relief under this law on behalf of survivors of exploitation. Download the guide here.

2010 - Illinois Safe Children Act
The first law in the nation to make minors under 18 immune from prosecution for prostitution. 

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