Through CAASE's Pro Bono Project, private firm attorneys work on behalf of local survivors of sexual assault and sex trafficking in order to ensure that:

  • Survivors of sexual violence in Chicago have the quality legal counsel they want and need, particularly as they attempt to vindicate their civil rights.
  • Survivors aren't further victimized when they attempt to support criminal justice system efforts against rapists, pimps, and traffickers.

Our attorneys assess a client's legal needs and eligibility for services, link them with pro bono attorneys, and provide ongoing support and technical assistance to pro bono attorneys represting CAASE-referred clients.

The CAASE Pro Bono Project provides private attorneys with exceptional opportunities including:

  • Litigation and negotiation practice utilizing the Illinois Civil No Contract Order Act, the Gender Violence Act, the Illinois Human Rights Act, Title VII, Title IX, and other civil and administrative laws.
  • Advocacy and representation on behalf of victims of sexual assault who seek justice in the criminal justice system according to the laws and regulations related to crime victim rights in Illinois.   

CAASE clients fall into one of four categories (listed here most to least common):

  • Survivors seeking protective orders via litigation under the Illinois Civil No Contact Order Act; these cases require between 12 and 24 hours of work, include 2 to 10 court appearances-mostly status hearings- and last from 3 to 10 months.
  • Victims wishing to support criminal charges against their rapist and who need legal representation pre- and/or post-indictment as they interact with police and prosecutors; these cases require between12 and 18 hours of work, last from 2 to 12 months, often require one lengthy meeting at a police station.
  • Survivors with legal needs related to their work, housing, or schooling- some of whom may need representation during an investigative period, or in filing a charge; these cases require between 3 and 50 hours of work, over a 3 to 12 month period.
  • Surivors of sex trafficking who are entitled to the vacatur of prostitution-related convictions under the Justice for Victims of Sex Trafficking Crimes Act; these cases require between 20 and 40 hours of work over a 6 to 15 month time period.

CAASE Pro Bono Project is a vital part of CAASE's Legal Program. It helps us serve more clients, provides high-quality representation to survivors, and connects attorneys with fulfilling volunteer opportunities. 

If you are interested in getting involved with our Pro Bono Project, contact