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Are you a member of the media working on a story? CAASE offers subject matter experts for media interviews on many topics related to sexual harm. We will get back to you immediately. To schedule an interview, call Hayley Forrestal 773-244-2230 ext. 203 or email

CAASE experts are available for interviews about these subjects and more:

• Sexual assault and legal options for survivors

• Rape and sexual harassment - victims rights and its impact

• Illinois law as it pertains to victims of sexual assault, harassment, abuse, and trafficking

• Community response—steps to fight sexual harm

• Faith communities and their role in ending sexual harm

• Prevention education - how to empower young people on issues of sexual harm and trafficking

• Sex and human trafficking

• Demand for prostitution (the people who buy sex)

• Prostitution and the sex trade

• Commercial sexual exploitation of children

• Chicago’s sex trafficking problem

• Issues around pornography and its harms


New York Times: 2/7/19 - This Is the Toughest Question Facing Harvey Weinstein’s Jury

Chicago Defender: 2/3/20 - Cyntoia Brown-Long: A Powerful Evening In Dialogue and The Impact of Sex Trafficking in Black Communities

NBC 5: 1/30/20 - Report: Chicago Police Department Focuses on Prostitutes Instead of ‘Johns’ in Arrests

WTTW 1/27/20 - Report: Chicago Police Prioritize Arrests of Sex Sellers Over Buyers, Traffickers

WBEZ: 1/27/20 - Chicago Prostitution Enforcement Focuses On Women Selling Sex, Not Buyers Or Traffickers


Hubbard Helps Public Affairs Radio: 11/11/19 - Sex Trafficking in Chicago 

NPR: 10/8/19 - Is Redemption Possible In The Aftermath Of #MeToo?

WGN Radio: 7/15/19 - Assuming It Takes a Monster to Engage In Sexual Violation

Chicago Tribune: 7/12/19 - Column: When a sexual predator’s crimes rely on an entourage

WBEZ: 6/24/19 - Unnecessary Rape Kit DNA Clogging Up Crime Lab

WBEZ: 5/30/19 - Cook County Judge Called Prostitute ‘Health Risk,’ Told Her To Leave State

Lifetime: 5/4/19 - Surviving R. Kelly: The Impact

WBEZ: 4/25/19 - Illinois DNA Backlog Rises, But State Police Say That’s Not Whole Story

Become SHE Podcast: 4/24/19 - SHE talks sexual violence with CAASE Managing Attorney, Mallory Littlejohn

Chicago Lawyer Magazine: 3/5/19 CAASE law: Interview with Pro Bono Partner

Chicago Tribune: 2/22/19 - R. Kelly sex abuse charges signal to victims 'that their voices can be heard,' advocates say

Chicago Tribune: 2/7/19 - Judge bars Chicago schools attorney from asking about sexual history of special-needs student who reported being raped

North by Northwestern: 2/5/19 -Northwestern submits official comment on proposed Title IX policy

ABC7: 1/24/19 - Second chances after life in the sex trade

The DePaulia: 1/22/19 - Students speak out against proposed Title IX reforms


Chicago Reader: 11/27/18 - A resolution to a five-year-old Title IX complaint

Chicago Tribune: 11/8/18 - Lawyer representing crime victim held in contempt, shining light on little-known legal role

Chicago Tribune: 11/5/18 - Former Chicago teacher pleads guilty to sexually exploiting 16-year-old student

VICE:  10/3/18 - Where the Idea of False Rape Accusations Really Comes From

WGN9:  8/9/18 - Lawmakers, advocates urge Governor to approve Women and Girls legislation

The Chicago Reporter: 7/24/18 - Prostitution-loitering law likely to target women of color for arrest

Austin Weekly News: 7/3/18 - Ald. Ervin's anti-loitering ordinance approved

NBC 5: 4/25/18 - The Survivor Project -‘I Refuse to Let Someone Have my Power’: Stories of Survival After Sexual Assault

WBEZ Chicago: Worldview 3/5/18 - International Sex Trafficking Rings Operate In Chicago

FOX 32 Chicago: 2/20/18 - International sex traffickers say prostitutes operated out of Skokie apartment complex

Wednesday Journal of Oak Park and River Forest: 1/23/2018 -Oak Park to tighten massage parlor regulations Ordinance comes after businesses busted for prostitution


Illinois News Network: 8/54/2017-Illinois truck drivers might join fight against human sex trafficking

WBEZ Chicago: 7/24/2017-Organization Aims To Expand Sexual Exploitation Awareness

NBC 5 Chicago: 5/9/2017-Change needed to successfully prosecute rape, sex crimes: experts


CBS Chicago: 9/19/2016-Campus sexual assault: two survivors’ stories

Chicago Tribune: 6/24/2016-Transgender woman sues city so she can perform nude in bars, clubs

Chicago Tribune: 6/7/ assault victim: 'I wasn't going to let it destroy my life'

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: 6/2/2016-Assault reports to school security protected

Chicago Tonight WTTW: 5/16/2016-Mayor Emanuel decides to scrap IPRA

DNA Info: 5/16/2016-Alcohol in strip clubs would lead to crime, drugs, trafficking: aldermen

CBS Chicago: 5/16/2016-Activists, aldermen seek to kill effort to allow alcohol sales at strip clubs

Chicago Sun-Times: 5/16/2016-Women’s groups declare opposition to strip club ordinance

Chicago Tribune: 5/16/2016-Alderman scales back strip club alcohol sales measure, fails to sway foes

Caleb Probst for Huffington Post: 5/11/2016-It isn't always easy being a guy

Chicago Tribune: 4/13/2016-Morning Spin: How strip club booze ordinance was written

Chicago Tribune: 4/6/2016-Apple changes Siri's response to 'I was raped'

101.9 The Mix: 4/4/2016-Caleb Probst educating young men about the realities of the sex trade

Interlochen Public Radio: 3/3/2016-Getting the prostitutes, but not the johns

Columbia Chronicle: 2/8/2016-Females in comedy industry tackle sexual harassment

WGN TV: 1/25/2016- Joel Filmore and Darci Jenkins discuss sex trafficking

Jezebel: 1/28/2016- Chicago's woman comedians are fighting back against sexual harassment


Chicago Reader: 11/10/2015- Showing rape victims how to think beyond 'report to the police

Chicago Reader: 9/24/2015- The University of Chicago's message to the Class of 2019: Don't be a rapist

Chicago Sun-Times: 9/15/2015- The wrong message on rape

Huffington Post: 9/3/2015- How to Talk to Your Son About Rape: A Guide for Dads and Hockey Fans

WTTW Chicago Tonight: 9/1/2015- Human Rights Group Calls for Legalization of Prostitution

TIME Magazine: 8/18/2015- How One County is Targeting Men Who Buy Sex

Syracuse University: 6/10/2015- Alumni Profiles: Caleb Probst

Medill Chicago Reports: 5/11/2015- Video: Group opens young eyes to sexual exploitation all around them

Project World Impact: 3/31/2015- Nonprofit Spotlights: CAASE

CBS Chicago: 3/26/15: Sexual assault in a big city, is there a lack of priority?

Huffington Post: 3/23/2015 - An open letter to Richard Gere on Pretty Woman's 25th Anniversary

Redeye: 3/19/2015 - Local campuses report few sexual assaults, but experts say it's higher

Chicago Tribune: 3/17/2015 - YWCA Evanston/North Shore commemorates International Women's Day with a forum on sex trafficking

Daily North Shore: 3/10/2015 - Seeking end to prostitution

101.9 FM The Mix: 02/09/15 - CAASE Communication Coordinator Leena Saleh speaks to the work CAASE is doing to end sexual exploitation

Crain's Chicago Business: 1/16/2015 - Are you over Uber? Not quite


Huffington Post: 12/18/2014 - Believing Jackie: A sexual assault attorney's perspective

NBC 5 Chicago: 12/3/2014 - Rape victim says detectives "didn't believe me"

NBC 5 Chicago: 12/3/2014 - Rape victim says detectives "didn't believe me"

NBC 5 Chicago: 12/2/2014 - The case of Nikki Saez

Huffington Post: 11/18/2014 -Harnessing the power of theater for social change

MSNBC: 11/07/2014 -Q & A with Lynne Johnson, Policy Director at CAASE & co-founder of the End Demand Illinois campaign

WCRX FM: 10/26/2014 - CAASE Staff Attorney Katie Gaughan speaks about sexual exploitation in Illinois

Skokie Review: 10/21/2014 - Local Jewish women's group takes up fight against sex trafficking

CAN TV: 10/2/2014 - Community Forum Her Story Theater's Shadow Town II: The Johns

Chicago Sun-Times: 9/7/2014 - Not learning from tragic life of Cynthia Barnes would be the real mistake: Mark Brown

Chicago Tribune: 8/27/2014 - Law would fine johns to aid prostituted women

VIDEO: FOX News Chicago: 7/28/2014 - Chicago Aims to Change View on Prostitution

Streetwise: 7/21/2014 - "Shadow Town II" : The Demand Side of Sex Trade

VIDEO: NBC 5 Chicago: 6/2/2014 - Suburban Facility Helps Sex Trafficking Victims

NBC 5 Chicago: 6/2/2014 - Suburban Facility Helps Sex Trafficking Victims

Windy City Times: 5/21/2014 - Letter to the Editor

NBC 5 Chicago: 5/13/2014 - County ordinance show success in targeting johns

WYCC In the Loop PBS Chicago: 5/9/2014 - Sexual assault on college campuses

ABC 7 Chicago: 4/29/2014 - University of Chicago among colleges investigated for mishandling campus sexual assault cases

Chicago Tribune: 4/14/2014 - Prostituted people get jail, not help, in sting

WBEZ: 4/10/2014 - Advocates want specialized services for sex trafficking survivors

Chicago Sun-Times: 4/4/2014 - Protestors rally against sex-work discussion

Chicago Tribune: 4/4/2014 - Amnesty International should not endorse policy to legalize prostitution

Chicago Sun-Times: 4/3/2014 - In Chicago, Amnesty International to debate legalizing sex trade

JUF News: 3/28/2014 - Sex Trafficking in Chicago 'Modern-day slavery'

Chicago Tribune: 3/1/2014 - Victim advocates applaud Craigslist rape verdict

Working In These Times: 2/14/2014 - Advocates Equip Worker Centers in Fight Against Sexual Violence

National Clearinghouse on Families and Youth: 1/22/2014: Q&A: Educating Young Men as a Way to End Commercial Sexual Exploitation

Public News Service: 1/13/2014: Efforts to stop those who fuel the sex trade in Illinois

The Chicago Tribune 1/8/2014: Suspect in attack on girl, 15, walked away in 2 other cases


The Daily Beast 7/24/2013: When Rape Goes Viral

Daily Whale 7/11/2013 Aldermen hold hearing on preventing human trafficking

NBC5 Chicago 6/20/2013 Marion Brooks Investigates the Demand Side of Human Trafficking

Chicago Tribune 6/20/2013 Sexual assault defendant has history of accusations

Chicago Sun-Times 6/14/2013 Play puts audience face to face with horrors of sex trafficking 

Crain's 6/5/2013 A trash can that will make you think

Salon 6/4/2013 Why are we imprisoning prostitutes? 

WBEZ 91.5 5/30/2013 Illinois nixes felony prostitution 

MSN 5/28/2013 Advertisers un-friending Facebook over sexism concerns 

The Daily Beast 5/22/2013 The prostitutes aren't the problem: Targeting the 'johns' 

Fox 32 Chicago 5/8/2013 Fox 32 investigates sex trafficking: Targeting the 'johns' 

WBEZ 91.5 5/7/2013 Shakespeare Theatre brings conversation about sex trafficking to Chicago 

The Jewish Week 4/16/2013 Extent of modern slavery shocked even experts

Times Leader 4/6/2013 Don't blame the victim

Southtown Star 4/1/2013 Ending felony prostitution

Chicago Sun-Times 3/29/2013 End felony charges for prostitution

WREX Rockford 3/22/2013: Some in Winnebago Co. and state say make all prostitution misdemeanors

DNA Info Chicago 3/21/2013: Felony Prostitution Approach Should Be Dropped

Streetwise 2/20/2013: CAASE: online message boards a 'brotherhood'

Vivelo Hoy 2/14/2013: The social architecture of a sex trafficking case

Rockford Register Star 1/19/2013: Advocates say new tactics needed on sex arrests in Rockford

La Raza 1/16/2013: Hombres se aconsejan vía Internet sobre compra de sexo en Illinois

Rebellious Magazine 1/12/2013

NBC5 Chicago 1/11/2013 "Johns" Create Brotherhood In Search for Online Sex

WBEZ 1/11/2013: Study sheds light on men who buy sex in Illinois

WLS-AM 1/11/2013: CAASE out with a new report on prostitution in Illinois

WREX-13 Rockford 1/11/2013 Study claims Rockford ranks 2nd in IL cities for purchase of sex

Rockford Register Star: 1/11/2013: Rockford ranked 2nd in Illinois for posts on site where men buy sex

Make it Better Magazine 1/1/2013: Empowerment Through Justice: Kaethe Morris Hoffer


The Atlantic: Cities 12/05/2012: Mapping the 'Demand Side of Prostitution

FOX Chicago 11/15/2012: Robin Robinson Interviews Gold Coast Madam

FOX Chicago 11/14/2012: Robin Robinson Investigates Harms of Prostitution on the Gold Coast

Medill News Service 11/1/2012: Specialized Services Needed for Survivors of Prostitution

Go Girl Magazine 10/29/2012: Rachel Durchslag is a Woman to Watch

Crain's Chicago Business 10/29/2012: Business Leaders Have a Role in Ending the Sex Trade

The New York Times 9/30/2012 Letter to the Editor: Ending the Demand Side of Prostitution

Huffington Post 9/27/2012 Ending Demand is a Common-Sense Approach That Works

WBEZ 8/7/2012 Illinois praised for strong anti-human-trafficking laws

FOX Chicago 7/30/2012: Former prostitute testifies to change sex trafficking law

Vocalo and WBEZ 7/25/2012: Rachel Durchslag, Executive Director of CAASE, is interviewed

Illinois Issues 6/4/2012: Chicago a leading city in the global epidemic of human trafficking

Chicago Tribune 6/4/2012 Anti-prostitution effort targets high school boys

Huffington Post 5/17/2012: Sending sex traffickers and johns a message before NATO

Evanston Now 5/17/2012: Evanston massage zoning plan draws wave of criticism

Chicago Tribune 5/14/12: New task force targets traffickers who force children into the sex trade

Huffington Post 4/16/12: Sex Tourism, the Secret Service, and the Harms of Buying Sex

WBEZ 4/12/12: Words=Change: Sexual Exploitation and Human Trafficking Seminar

Chicago Muckrakers 4/6/12: Illinois legislation takes on sex trafficking, but danger remains

Medill Reports Chicago 4/5/12: Illinois moves to tighten laws on sex trafficking

Rebellious Magazine: Profile of CAASE Executive Director, Rachel Durchslag

Today’s Chicago Woman 4/1/12: Ending demand for the sex trade in Illinois

Austin Weekly News   3/14/12: New law offers hope to sex trafficking victims

Huffington Post 2/29/12: Rachel Durchslag’s first blog post for the Huffington Post on sex trafficking

Medill News Service 2/29/12: New law offers hope to sex trafficking victims

Copyline Magazine 2/20/12: Strip Clubs should fund rape crisis centers

Rock River Times 2/20/12: Gov Sheila Simon argues that strip clubs should fund rape crisis centers

Chicago Daily Law Bulletin 2/1/12: Kaethe Morris Hoffer receives the Chicago Foundation for Women Impact Award

CBS2 1/31/12: Recent attacks on prostituted women in Humboldt Park

Columbia Chronicle 1/30/12: Behind Human Trafficking in Chicago by Sophia Coleman

Illinois Issues 1/1/12: State officials insist progress is occurring in the testing of rape cases


Chicago Sun Times 12/19/11: Dentist who helped pimps wants to work again

Streetwise 12/14/11: Seeking justice for prostitution victims

Northwest Herald 12/4/11: Lynne Johnson talks about Illinois’s response to sex trafficking

Chicago News Cooperative 11/23/11: Kaethe Morris Hoffer offers a window into sex trafficking

Huffington Post 11/9/11: Profile of Chicago-area organizations that are taking action and making progress

Windy City Times 10/12/11: Chicago Foundation for Women's 26th Annual Luncheon in the Hilton Chicago's International Ballroom

ABC7 10/13/2011: Non-profit trying to end human trafficking

Northwest Herald 9/2/11: Juvenile pimping should concern us all, by Kevin Lyons

Chicago Sun Times 8/24/11: 9 arrested for sex trafficking ring involving girls as young as 12

WBEZ 8/24/11: Nine arrested on sex trafficking charges in Cook County

New York Times 8/13/11: Campaign Against Sex Trafficking Is Gaining by Meribah Knight

Kankakee Daily Journal 8/10/11: Upperclassmen wrestlers accused in connection with the sexual assault of a freshman at Bradley-Bourbonnais High School

eNews Park Forest 8/6/11: A replication of the IGNN press release about the signing of SB 1037

News.Gnomes 8/6/11: Discussion of Governor Quinn's signing of SB 1037

Illinois Government News Network 8/6/11: A press release about Gov. Quinn signing SB 1037; CAASE is a mentioned supporter

Chicago Sun Times 8/6/11: Senate Bill 1037 is passed, allowing prostituted women to clear their records if they can prove that they were trafficked

LA Weekly Blog 7/18/11: Odd Future Protest at Pitchfork Music Festival by Tal Rosenberg

CNN 7/13/11: Prostituted child leave "game" for good.

Rockford Register Star 7/2/11:  Lynne wrote a letter to the RRStar, applauding the police for their sting operation against johns in the area

RedEye 6/7/11: DePaul students take part in SlutWalk by Jeremy Mikula

WLS 890AM 5/27/11: Study shows how ex-pimps recruited their girls

WBEZ 98.1 5/18/11: Group offers alternatives to proposed ordinance for ‘prostitution-free zones’

Pekin Times 4/25/11: Kudos to the Pekin Police by Lynne Johnson

Women’s E-News 4/18/11: Anti-Sex Trade Turns to Focus on Men Who Buy Sex by  Alizah Salario

Chicago Sun Times 4/8/11: Letter to the Editor: Rape column off base by Rachel Durchslag

Today’s Chicago Woman 4/7/11: Kaethe Morris Hoffer discusses our legal services

Fox News Chicago 4/3/11: Kaethe Morris Hoffer Talks About Civil Justice for Sexual Violence Survivors

The Standard Online 3/22/11: Speaker Reveals Reality of Sex Trade by Kaycie Surrell

Medill Reports 3/9/11: Games Pimps Play: Mental Manipulation in Prostitution by Ronnie Reese

Chicago Tribune 3/4/11: Northwestern to investigate controversial sex demonstration by Jodi S. Cohen and Lisa Black

Windy City Times 2/17/11: Mayoral forum focuses on violence towards women, LGBTQs by Carrie Maxwell

Medill Reports 2/16/11: Mayoral candidates detail personal experience with abuse in talking to forum for women, LGBTQ by Ronnie Reese

Fox News Chicago 2/14/11: Group Asks Why a High Percentage of Chicago Rape Reports Are Declared 'Unfounded' by Larry Yellin

Medill Reports 2/2/11: From Austin to the Gold Coast, Prostitution Brings Blight by Ronnie Reese

Ukranian Daily 1/30/11: Chicago Program Focuses on the Realities of Sex Trafficking by Ivanka Bryan



Mwari Magazine 12/16/10: Rachel Durchslag discusses interviewing johns

PBS “What’s Your Calling?” 12/8/10: Executive Director Rachel Durchslag talks about her inspiration for starting CAASE

Streetwise 11/3/10: End Demand For Prostitution

Chicago NOW 10/28/10: Does “sexy” or “scary” rule Halloween?

Daily Herald 10/21/10: Documentary showing the other side of Hugh Hefner 10/14/10: Declaring WAR on Human Trafficking

Medill Reports 10/13/10: Human Trafficking – a modern slave trade growing in our own backyard

Time Out Chicago 10/9/10: Little-used Illinois law gives rape victims another way to hold their attackers accountable

Chicago Reader 10/9/10: Against Their Will: The Reality of Sex Trafficking panel discussion

Chicago Journal 9/29/10: Dozens of former pimps admit tricking young women into the sex trade

Grain Belt News 9/21/10: New legislation seeks to end demand for prostitution in Illinois 9/21/10: New Study – most pimps were trafficked, abused as children

WBEZ 9/15/10: Chicago area ex-pimps see themselves as small business owners

WBBM (Sun Times Media Wire) 9/15/10: Study shows how ex-pimps recruited their girls

WBEZ 9/15/10: Interview with CAASE Legal Director Kaethe Morris Hoffer

Chicago Tribune 9/3/10: Declaring war on human trafficking

KQED Radio 8/31/10: Craigslist adult ads under fire

WBBM News Radio 780 8/21/10: No prostitution charges for kids

Women’s Media Center 8/18/10: Neglected rape kits getting second life in mainstream media

NBC Chicago 7/7/10: Landmark law requires all rape kits to be tested

Chicago Tribune 7/6/10: Illinois to test every rape kit 6/16/10: Sex traffic rises, along with scramble for solutions 5/28/10: Why sexual assault survivors don’t target their rapist’s pocketbook

WBEZ 5/27/10: Illinois bill seeks to protect juvenile prostitutes

Slate 5/26/10: Why don’t more women sue their rapists?

WBEZ 5/26/10: Chicago Police shift prostitution approach

Huffington Post 5/10/10: Tales From the Census: the price of peddling porn

Christianity Today 5/1/10: Sexual slavery on Main Street

Wall Street Journal 4/9/10: Are harsher sex-offender laws yielding unintended consequences?

Chicago Breaking News Center 4/8/10: Sex offender housing restrictions may lead to more crimes

Gapers Block 4/5/10: Sex Trafficking in Chicago, ‘Victimless’ Crimes and Their Victims

Chicago Tribune 3/30/10: Prostitution is shadowy backdrop to Schaumburg hotel slaying

Chicago Tribune 2/28/10: Sex Trafficking not just a problem abroad

Chicago Sun Times 2/24/10: Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez testifies at Senate hearing on sex trafficking

Progress Illinois 2/6/10: Anti-Violence Groups Blast Cohen’s Candidacy

Viva La Feminista 1/22/10: Thoughts on the Cook County Board President Forum

Windy City Times 1/20/10: Addressing Violence Against Women