Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation advocates for policies and legislation locally and statewide that expand options for survivors of sexual harm, hold perpetrators and systems accountable and curtail the criminalization of trauma behaviors. CAASE supports systemic solutions that prevent future sexual violence by breaking down the layers of oppression that increase the likelihood of victimization, including sexism, racism, classism, ableism, heterosexism and transphobia. 

CAASE advances our policy goals by joining coalitions with survivor-leaders and allies to address major systemic issues, advocating for legislation on local and state levels, engaging in strategic judicial reforms like amicus briefs, and meeting with policymakers and elected officials. 

Some of our recent policy work includes:

  • Working with allies on the state and national level to advocate against the proposed Title IX regulations by: submitting written comments to the Department of Education, leading events on Chicago college campuses to educate students about the impact of the proposed changes, and joining a social media campaign against the proposal.
  • Meeting with both 2018 attorney general candidates, Kwame Raoul and Erika Harold, and getting answers about their platforms to support survivors of sexual harm through a questionnaire. 
  • Lobbying lawmakers in Springfield in support of legislation to require consent is taught in sex education classes, and ensure all K-12 students are offered supports to stay in school if they experience gender-based violence.
  • Creating and reshaping the End Demand Illinois coalition, which engages partners across the state to reduce demand in the sex trade and won support to pass six laws that help survivors of the commercial sex trade in Illinois.