Many college students have an affinity for CAASE and its mission. Students frequently reach out to CAASE to learn more about human trafficking and to volunteer at local events. It became clear that college students are ready to take action against sex trafficking and sexual assault, but they needed a better outlet for their interest. In 2010, CAASE created college chapters to empower students to take action, and last year students led active CAASE chapters on four campuses.

Meggie Chambers is a junior at Roosevelt University and started a CAASE college chapter to help other students take action. Meggie survived a sexual assault and said that many of her peers or their families have been affected by sexual violence. Many times, that’s what motivates them to join the CAASE chapter. “They are turning around experiences that they may have had, or seen a friend or sister have. CAASE is giving them a way to fight for things to get better,” she said.

The chapter is still starting out, so Meggie is focusing on building a base of support. There are currently five members in the Roosevelt chapter, and many more have been reached through meetings and events. The chapter participated in a Rock Against Rape concert on campus. “I went in front of crowd and talked about CAASE. A lot of people really admire what we’re doing on campus,” she said.

Later in the school year, the chapter helped bring a play to campus about childhood sexual abuse. Meggie was proud of helping the event come to fruition. “It feels good to say that I was responsible for getting everyone together. I can’t believe I did that. It’s great just knowing there are so many people working toward the same cause.”

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