Dauren Augustine, Administrative Associate

Prior to joining CAASE in 2018, Dauren most recently worked with a nonprofit consulting firm on strategic planning and other projects to support client missions and increase organizational impact. Dauren has also worked in nonprofit development, special event planning, and social media coordination. Dauren brings a unique educational background from St. John’s College, where she studied rhetoric, logic, philosophy, math, and science through a program based in the Socratic method and primary resources. Dauren also holds an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia Chicago, where she was trained in cultural criticism and literary theory. Dauren is excited to apply her experience toward CAASE’s vision of a community free of sexual exploitation.

Contact Dauren at daugustine@caase.org

Madeleine Behr, Policy Associate                

Madeleine joined CAASE in 2018 as a Policy Associate. She provides support for CAASE's policy advocacy against sexual harm and the root causes of sexual harm at the local and state level, which includes work on End Demand Illinois, improving law enforcement's response towards survivors of the commercial sex trade in Chicago, advocating for criminal justice reform, among other issues. Before working at CAASE, she was a government and investigative reporter at USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin in Appleton, WI, and the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism in Madison, WI, where she covered the 2016 elections, Wisconsin's rape evidence kit backlog, the foster care system, electronic monitoring of formerly incarcerated people on the sex offender registry, and more. Originally from the Chicago suburbs, Madeleine is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison with bachelor’s degrees in journalism and legal studies.

Contact Madeleine at mbehr@caase.org

Eleanor Bryan, Development Manager       

Eleanor joined CAASE in 2016. Previously, she has held positions at a variety of Chicago-area non-profits. She is passionate about fundraising and excited to advocate for deserving populations at CAASE.

Originally from New York state, Eleanor graduated Phi Beta Kappa from SUNY Geneseo in 2010.

Contact Eleanor at ebryan@caase.org

 Sonya Cook, Operations Director

Sonya has spent over 20 years working with various non-profits in Chicago and is enthusiastic about applying her knowledge to CAASE. She has worked to ensure the financial health of a variety of institutions including federal, state and city departments as well as foundations, businesses, and banking organizations. As Operations Director, she strives to provide a stable platform for CAASE’s growth and stability as we pursue our vision of communities free of all forms of sexual harm. 

Contact Sonya at scook@caase.org  

Christine Crow, Staff Attorney 

Christine Crow serves victims and survivors of sexual assault and exploitation as Michigan Legal Practitioner Fellow at CAASE. She focuses primarily on representing crime victims in the criminal justice system and related civil issues. In this work, she fights to ensure that the criminal justice system respects and upholds the rights of victims and survivors, including rights involving their privacy, safety, and consideration. Christine believes in the transformative power of victims and survivors speaking the truth of their experience. Her favorite moment in her work is when a client gets to use a victim impact statement to speak that truth in court. Christine received her J.D. from the University of Michigan Law School, where she helped to found the Gender Violence Project, a feminist law student organization. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from American University. Before joining CAASE in 2018, Christine worked with survivors of domestic violence in a legal aid office.

Contact Christine at ccrow@caase.org   

Jenny Dawson, HR Manager 

Jenny joined CAASE in 2018. After studying mathematics at the University of California, Davis, Jenny began working in operations gaining 9 years of experience in both the nonprofit and for-profit sectors. Prior to joining CAASE, she applied her skills as a consultant for small businesses, focusing on improving the efficacy of systems and procedures. Jenny is passionate about using her talents to support and further the mission of CAASE.

Contact Jenny at jdawson@caase.org

Anika Sterling Florez, Community Engagement Manager 

Anika Sterling Florez is one of the founding members and President of Sisters Speak, the Chicago Coalition to End Sexual Violence Against Black Girls and Women. Anika has over 20 years of experience in social services including work in youth development, domestic violence and sexual assault. She completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago where she majored in African American Studies and researched the history of colorism within the Black community. She also earned a master’s degree in Inner City Studies from Northeastern Illinois University where she researched misogyny within the faith community and its impact on men’s violence against women in disadvantaged communities of color. Anika is passionate about drawing the connection between privilege and oppression to sexual violence. She facilitates many of the anti-oppression trainings for The Illinois Coalition Against Sexual Assault and is past chair of it’s People of Color committee.

Contact Anika at asflorez@caase.org

Hayley Forrestal, Communications Manager 

Hayley discovered her passion for gender justice in college while volunteering as an advocate for survivors of sexual assault at a rape crisis center. She soon began working for the center as their Communications Coordinator and Preventionist. After relocating to Chicago, Hayley found her place at CAASE and is thrilled to work for an organization seeking to address and prevent the full spectrum of sexual harm. She develops, designs, and manages communications that increase public and potential client awareness of CAASE. Her work supports our brand, marketing, and relationship with the media. 

Contact Hayley at  hforrestal@caase.org

Kaethe Morris Hoffer, Executive Director

Kaethe became CAASE's Executive Director in 2013. She previously served as CAASE's Legal Director and Deputy Executive Director since 2009, when a legal services and policy advocacy not-for-profit that she founded became part of the organization.

Kaethe has been working against sexual inequality and sex-based violence for more than twenty years, engaging in feminist advocacy and litigation in many venues. Examples of Kaethe’s past work include the following: Internationally, she represented Equality Now in United Nations proceedings that created the international law against sex trafficking, and served as project manager for a precedent-setting civil lawsuit led by Catharine MacKinnon on behalf of survivors of Bosnian-Serb rape death camps. At the state level, Kaethe served on Governor George Ryan's Commission on the Status of Women in Illinois, through which she co-authored the Gender Violence Act, and assisted in the development and passage of the Civil No Contact Order Act and the Victims’ Employment Safety and Security Act. Locally, Kaethe served as an Assistant to the Mayor in the Daley Administration, directed federal affairs for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago, and represented low-income women at the Legal Assistance Foundation of Chicago. Kaethe is a current member of the Illinois Council on Girls and Women, and a past member of the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence and the Cook County Women’s Commission. She served on Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign Policy Advisory Committee on violence against women issues.

In recent years Kaethe has been recognized by the Chicago Foundation for Women (Impact Award) and the YWCA Evanston/North Shore (YWomen Leadership Award). Kaethe is a graduate of Swarthmore College and the University of Michigan Law School.

Contact Kaethe at kmh@caase.org

Mallory Littlejohn, Legal Director           

Mallory Littlejohn joined CAASE in 2016. Mallory manages attorneys who specialize in assisting survivors of sexual assault with their legal needs. CAASE’s practice areas include Education, Civil, Criminal, and Employment law. CAASE also represents Trafficking Survivors in vacating their convictions.

Mallory graduated from Quincy University and received her JD from the John Marshall Law School. Both during and after law school, Mallory’s focus was in housing law. She worked at the Department of Housing and Urban Development in its Fair Housing Office. Mallory also represented homeowners facing foreclosure in Central Illinois.

Mallory is still very active with John Marshall Law School via their Black Law Students Association. She coaches a Black Law Student Academic Team and is an Alumni Member of the National Black Law Students Association. In 2018, Mallory was awarded the Black Law Students Ascendant Award and was also inducted in the Legal Hall of Fame at Quincy University.

Contact Mallory at mlittlejohn@caase.org

Shalini Mirpuri, Prevention Manager                  

Shalini oversees the prevention education department, including all educational curricula and CAASE's signature series Empowering Youth to End Sexual Exploitation. She is responsible for continually reviewing and improving the quality of our programs, and changing the world one workshop at a time. She is a passionate and enthusiastic educator who is committed to developing innovative instruction to prevent sexual harm in all its forms. In her career, she has educated thousands of individuals, from middle school students to the media, on preventing sexual assault, partner violence, and sexual harassment.

Prior to joining CAASE in 2018, Shalini served students at the University of Florida through sexual violence prevention initiatives and diversity and inclusion programs. She has a Masters in Couples and Family Therapy from the University of Florida and has worked in a variety of non-profit, state government, and higher education settings. She’s committed to ending all forms of social inequity, particularly focused on the intersection of gender-based violence and racial inequality.

Contact Shalini at smirpuri@caase.org

Nikki Patin, Community Engagement Director

Nikki joined CAASE as Community Engagement Director in 2019, to lead CAASE’s efforts to deepen engagement with survivors of sexual harm and build relationships with communities in Chicago that are disproportionately vulnerable to sexual violence. Nikki also supports CAASE in advancing its commitment to intersectional equity in its culture, services, and mission. 

Featured in The Guardian, Chicago Tribune, HBO's Def Poetry Jam and on international television and radio, Peabody Award-winning poet Nikki Patin has been writing, performing and educating for almost 20 years. She has performed at the National Black Theater in Harlem, Brooklyn Museum, Links Hall, Black Artists Retreat, EXPO Chicago and many other spaces throughout the U.S., New Zealand and Australia. In 2014, she made history when she addressed the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland on behalf of Black women survivors of sexual violence in the U.S. Nikki Patin holds an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction from the University of Southern Maine, is a recipient of a 3Arts Make A Wave award in music and was recently named one of “30 Writers to Watch” by the Guild Literary Complex. Her second full-length album, Surviving Something, is forthcoming in May 2020. 

Contact Nikki at npatin@caase.org

Elizabeth Payne, Managing Attorney 

As the Managing Attorney of CAASE's Victims Rights Representation Division, Elizabeth oversees cases that focus on enforcing the rights of survivors of sexual abuse within the criminal justice system. Prior to coming to CAASE, Elizabeth was a Senior Assistant District Attorney in the Special Victims Bureau of the Kings County District Attorney’s Office in Brooklyn, New York, where she prosecuted sexual assaults and the physical and sexual abuse of children. She is a seasoned trial attorney and has worked extensively with law enforcement officers, judges, defense attorneys, medical professionals, and social workers in the criminal field. Elizabeth also served as a law clerk with the Wisconsin Supreme Court and is a graduate of The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and The University of Chicago Law School. Prior to law school, Elizabeth was extensively engaged in progressive advocacy work in her hometown. She is passionate about women's issues and focused on creating a world where gender-based violence is a thing of the past.

Contact Elizabeth at epayne@caase.org

Natalie Richards, Development Manager

Natalie joined CAASE in 2018. She has been working in development with a focus on event management and donor relations for 5 years in various national and local nonprofits. Originally from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Natalie graduated from University of Central Florida where she received a BA in journalism and Florida Atlantic University where she received her Master of Communication with a concentration in intercultural communications.

Natalie is passionate about the field of fundraising and excited about helping organizations reach their fundraising potential.

Contact Natalie at nrichards@caase.org

Megan Rosenfeld, Policy Director     

Megan Rosenfeld joined CAASE in 2017 as the Policy Director, coordinating and implementing CAASE’s local and statewide policy and advocacy efforts. Megan leads CAASE's efforts in supporting or opposing proposed legislation in Springfield and at City Council, as well as works with stakeholders to propose new legislation. She identifies opportunities for collaboration and coordination to better advocate for systemic changes that give survivors of sexual harm more options, reduces vulnerabilities to sexual harm, and focuses accountability efforts on prevention and rehabilitation.

Before joining CAASE, Megan most recently worked as the Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) Director at the Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence. She has extensive experience working with and training law enforcement officers on policy change. She has been working at the intersection of gender-based violence and poverty for more than ten years. Megan has practiced law in Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, and the District of Columbia. She is a graduate of the University of Dayton and the University Minnesota Law School. 

Contact Megan at mkr@caase.org

Ryan Spooner, Prevention Educator

Ryan visits classrooms around Chicagoland to share CAASE’s educational curricula with students. He works within the prevention education department to develop and deliver innovative, lasting instruction on consent, gender, and other issues underpinning sexual harm.

Before joining CAASE, Ryan taught in the City Colleges and at DePaul University. With an MFA in nonfiction writing from Columbia College Chicago, his background is in teaching writing and rhetoric, which he’s used to help students share their stories and interrogate the world around them. He’s committed to empowering young people to end sexual violence and exploitation through education, reflection, and open dialogue.

Contact Ryan at rspooner@caase.org

Veronica Svendsen, Senior Paralegal

Veronica joined CAASE in 2010 as the Project Administrator for the Sexual Assault Justice Project and was promoted to Senior Paralegal in 2016. She has worked as a paralegal for over 15 years. She previously worked at Life Span Center for Legal Services and Advocacy, which assists victims of domestic violence in family law matters. Veronica works with our staff attorneys to help survivors of sexual harm seek justice in criminal and civil court.

Contact Veronica at veronica@caase.org

Hannah White, Prevention Educator                   

As part of the prevention education team at CAASE, Hannah visits classrooms and engages students in conversations about gender binaries, consent, power dynamics, and successful intervention in an effort to end sexual harm. She works to identify and develop new curriculum for CAASE that will continue to encourage youth and other communities to play a role in stopping behavior and habits that lead to sexual violence.

After graduating from the University of Michigan with a degree in Psychology and Women's Studies, Hannah spent a year and a half traveling independently and working abroad in Southeast Asia, Australia, and South America. Before joining CAASE, Hannah worked and volunteered in many spaces devoted to supporting women's empowerment, domestic violence prevention, sexual trauma populations, and chronic mental health issues. She continues to be motivated by educating and dialoguing with young people and empowering them to be agents of social change.

Contact Hannah at hwhite@caase.org

Christina Zuba, Staff Attorney                            

Christina joined CAASE as a Staff Attorney in 2016 through a Harvard Public Service Venture Fund Fellowship. Her work focuses on educational advocacy for student survivors of sexual violence. She also assists survivors through civil litigation and criminal justice advocacy. In addition to direct legal representation, Christina provides training on Title IX and educational advocacy for medical and legal advocates.

She completed her undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Illinois in 2013 and graduated from Harvard Law School in 2016. Prior to joining CAASE, Christina worked with survivors of domestic and sexual violence through the Harvard Immigration and Refugee Clinic and as a volunteer advocate at A Woman’s Place in Urbana, Illinois. While in law school, she also worked as a summer legal intern at End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin and served as a student advocate in the International Human Rights Clinic.

Contact Christina at czuba@caase.org