Many forms of sexual exploitation are pervasive in our culture, including sexual assault, prostitution, and pornography. CAASE's community engagement work seeks to empower diverse groups of students, faith communities, non-profits, businesspeople, and the community at large to take action - particularly in opposition to sexual assault and commercial sexual exploitation. Learn more about our education and outreach initiatives below.

Lectures and Presentations

Bring CAASE to Speak at Your Event.
We lecture and make presentations both locally and nationally covering many issues including the commercial sex trade, prostitution, rape, and the role that demand plays in perpetuating sex trafficking.

Prostitution and Trafficking Survivors Speakers Bureau
People who have survived the sex trade are speaking out. They are telling the world the truth about prostitution—about the violence, exploitation and hopelessness that many of them have endured. Through our End Demand Illinois campaign, CAASE helps coordinate speaking engagements for survivors of prostitution. To request a speaker, please contact us.

Art and Awareness

Theatrical Events
CAASE has produced plays that address issues of sexual exploitation by integrating real-life narratives into highly impactful drama. Themes of the plays have included international sex trafficking, the commercial sexual exploitation of children, and domestic sex trafficking.

Film Screenings and Festivals
Throughout the year, CAASE hosts and sponsors film screenings about sexual exploitation. We have a library of films available for groups that would like to host screenings.

End Demand Illinois Poster Campaign
Using messaging derived from our first-hand research on men who purchase sex, CAASE has created a poster campaign for our End Demand Illinois campaign. These creative posters are aimed at deterring the demand for sexually exploited individuals.

To bring a CAASE educational event to your community, please contact us.

Research and Toolkits

CAASE is committed to research and resource development that will deepen our community’s understanding of the sex trade and collect best practices. We develop tool kits for many different interest groups, and collect pertinent research on our issues. Our work has been used by experts and social service agencies throughout the country, and we are considered a leader in innovating ways to deter johns from purchasing sex. View our toolkits here and our research here.

CAASE prohibits discrimination in its delivery of legal services based on race, color, age, order of protection status, physical or mental disability, national origin, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, order of protection status, marital status, military status, or unfavorable discharge from military services.