It’s been delayed before, but the US Senate appears to be on the verge of voting on “SESTA/FOSTA”, a bill CAASE strongly supports. The bill is currently scheduled for consideration in the Senate on Monday.

Right now, individual pimps and traffickers can be sued or prosecuted for the role they play in exploiting prostituted children and adults. However, websites that knowingly promote and profit from exploitation are protected from being held accountable for their role in hurting people who are in the sex trade against their will. SESTA/FOSTA, a strongly bipartisan bill, seeks to change that. The bill would allow people who have been hurt by traffickers to sue internet companies, like, which makes millions every year from online sex ads.

Some people argue that this law will be used to hinder people who choose to be in the sex trade or deter people from sharing information designed to increase safety and wellness for people in prostitution. This is FALSE: although the law might discourage companies from creating businesses that promote prostitution, this bill doesn’t make advertising prostitution any more, or less, illegal than it’s always been.

CAASE knows this legislation won’t end the commercial sex trade online, but it’s a solid start to hold those at the top accountable for knowingly profiting from sex trafficking. SESTA/FOSTA provides a critical pathway towards justice for anyone whose sexual violation was exploited to generate wealth for digital marketers.

Join CAASE - contact your senators today and ask them to vote in support of the  SESTA/FOSTA bill which already passed the House!

UPDATE: SESTA passed the Senate on 3/21/18 with an overwhelmingly supportive bipartisan vote of 97-2. Thank you to everyone who contacted legislators and raised the voices of survivors. The Bill will move onto the President.